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Can I add other goods to my TCS purchase for air or sea freight?

To meet the requirements of the ATO and Australian Customs, there must be only one sender and one receiver for each House Airway bill or Bill of Lading.  It can consist of many items but under one name only. 

What happens when I return to Australia with goods I have purchased GST exempt?

If you are returning to Australia to live, you must declare the goods on the Arrival Form for Perth Airport, or declare them in your packing list for Customs if they are returning by air or sea as unaccompanied personal effects. 

I am going to work on Christmas or Cocos Islands. Can I buy goods GST exempt ?

If you or a family member have employment  on the Islands and will be a resident for the duration of that employment, you may buy items exempt of GST.  See previous Q and A.  If you are visiting the Islands, normal Duty Free exemptions apply on your return to Australia.                    

What is a Statement of Contents ( SOC ) or Shippers Declaration?

All items sent to the IOT's must be declared to Customs.   For Freightshop the SOC  can be done online by the sender of the goods.  For Zentners provide an Invoice  or other full description.                       

What is an EDN?

An EDN is an Export Declaration Number and must be raised for any export where the value of the items is A$2000 or greater.  This is done by Freightshop and Zentner Shipping but full details from you are required.

What do I do with batteries in my air and sea freight?

Batteries should be removed if possible from any electrical item for sea or airfreight.  The battery may stay within the same packaging. Your packing list should show batteries and most importantly, lithium batteries for air freight.   Laptops, tablets and some phones may be fitted with an installed battery and it is acceptable for them to travel in the equipment.    Additional lithium ion batteries must be advised for airfreight. 

Can TCS provide a service for buying and sending perishables?

TCS have no current or future plans to purchase and consign perishables other than transport them as part of our Perth Courier services.

What warranty rights do Territories residents have ?

Your consumer rights are explained here by Choice magazine.